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63. Friendship

This question came in as a contribution from Satya Saha by email. Thank you very much Satya, keep sending more questions.

Also, since it is the question no. 63, this particular post is dedicated, for all the obvious reasons, to my dear friend Sumedh Kalne; better known as The Kalne. Winters in Kurukshetra were never complete without this magic number 63 for him, and so for all of us.

About the question, very nice question first of all. Not my area of expertise, but crackable to a good extent. Let me just get down to the question now.

X and Y shared a unique camaraderie. In fact, such was their friendship that on the Christmas of 1936, X sent Y “a harp with barbed wire for strings and forks & spoons for tuning knobs”. 

 X’s first encounter with Y is recounted as follows in his own words in an issue of the Harper’s Bazaar: “I met Y for the first time in his garden. He was naked, crowned with roses, and in the center of a veritable forest of harps(he was surrounded by at least five hundred harps)…. In Y’s pupils glows the same spectral light to be observed in Picasso’s.”

Identify X & Y.


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39. Absolute Madness 2

Identify the blanked out word. Pretty charateristic absolut ad. (Hint: It’s a person.)


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30. Joke on the Bloke

Simply, what?


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20. Art question

Dear all,

describe to me what is being shown in the picture below. Look closely.

hint: google would help more than tineye.


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19. Minimalist Poster

I hope people are familiar with minimalist art. This has also very well penetrated pop culture.
Fans come up with minimalist posters of their favorite movies; only the central idea of the movie is captured with as less elements on the posters as possible.

here are some examples:

you can find lot more by just searching for ‘minimalist movie posters’ on google.

for today, identify the movie, of which the poster would be:

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