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62. Know it all

Advertisement for what? I would say it’s workable, has got some clues, and is not just a you-know-it-or-you-don’t sort of a question, like the previous one.


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52. Absolute Madness 4

After a long long hiatus, here’s starting afresh with a nice absolut ad I found. There’s some good trivia to this. And to make it easier, I have even blanked it out properly, for you to get a good view.


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46. Absolute Madness 3

I am not sure if this is their original ad or some fan work. This is pretty much doable though.

Identify the blanked out word. Some tagline sorta thing was there, so I blanked out that too.


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41. Endorse me

Too many clues in the picture. Ad for what ? No points for guessing the man, although I have erased his name.


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39. Absolute Madness 2

Identify the blanked out word. Pretty charateristic absolut ad. (Hint: It’s a person.)


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33. Absolute Madness

This is the first absolut vodka question on allornothing!
Posting it due to lack of free time today at work.

Question courtsey Ingit Tibrewal (Prodigy 2009), I don’t really think he checks this blog. Let us hope he does.

Identify the blanks. This is proper trivia, like any other Absolut ad.


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32. Add on – Amul!

Give complete fundae, and identify the people wherever needed. Even better if you can complete the ad-words!


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