My name is Abhishek Joshi.

I am an Electrical Engineer from NIT Kurukshetra, and currently doing my MBA at MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad). Meanwhile I worked at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai for about a year.

My liking for quizzing flourished, when I was at college, where I first saw quizzes as one of the most happening yet underground activities, and then, as a way of life – a habit ingrained so much as a characteristic quality – for everyone who was a part of it.

A quizblog was a natural offshoot of this interest, given the fact that college is now over, and this is one of those things where I , through questions on anything under the sun, can tell you about everything that I adore, abhor, and consider worth sharing.

This is a simple quizblog, I know my limits, but I’m ever stretching them, which comes almost automatically while having to post one question everyday.. (I am still a rookie at quizblogging! )

Last but never the least, I request the readers to keep visiting, and guiding me on this quest. For to be is a qusetion answered, and not to be is it the ultimate question.



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